My Mission Statement 

When I first heard about counselling I was in awe, a whole hour to talk about myself and what I was feeling! How amazing would that be? Not to feel guilty for “burdening” my friends and family with my worries. I was a teenager then but the more I have learnt about counselling the more I believe that pretty much everyone can benefit from that kind of attention. 

Everyone struggles 

We all struggle at some point in life, for some of us it’s an ongoing problem but for others it may be as a result of a particular situation like a bereavement, a break up or a traumatic experience such as a car accident. 

Similarly what we need from counselling is different for everyone. For some it is just needing someone to talk to but others may need help with changing their thinking or perspective.

Changing our thinking 

For many of us our problem actually lies in how we approach life. How we think, feel and behave are all connected so if we can change one of them it will affect the other two. For me this is one of the most important things I was ever taught because it meant we can have control. How we feel,think and behave is all up to us.

Making myself redundant 

My mission as a counsellor is to make myself redundant. By that I mean that when you feel you have come to the end of your counselling experience that you have all the knowledge you need to be your own counsellor. In fact in my perfect world we would all get counselling as teenagers and go into the big bad world with all the knowledge and skills we need to be resilient in the face of those obstacles that life throws at us.


So my hope is with these blogs, with articles I share on my Facebook and twitter and with my counselling services that people will find some useful information or insights to maintain their mental health. So let the mission begin!

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